Site-specific installation_view, Room_1 angle_1, 337.13ft2, Ortaköy Orphange, Istanbul, 2014
When it rains, water absorbing yellow fabric below the ceilings absorbs the water. In the middle, fabric carries a steel sphere, which gathers water in the same spot, then it drops right in to the top of conglomerated salt and it shapes it.

Moires of Transformation

I installed one of my works in an old Armenian orphanage in Ortaköy, Istanbul I chose the leaking part of the building so that I would be able to incorporate water into my work both literally and figuratively. In doing so, I created an atmosphere using sky and water while exhibiting the images that evoked earth and soil. I focused on the contrast between nature and the urban structures’ transformation process within the building’s historical context.

Artist Talk

Sinem Disli installation Lecture/Moires of Transformation

Within the maze of Istanbul’s history, the building carries many stories - layers of transformation and traces of forced change. The place where I will install my work exposes these dramatic interventions. The traces of this forced change can be read both in exterior and interior surfaces, from floor to ceiling. The energy in the building evokes a sense of abandonment and lingering as modifications physically fall apart over time. Thus, the work centers on an experience within the space that reflects the alteration and adjustment.

By installing part of my work with translucent and transparent elements, I aim to connect with the space’s history and extract the influence of the stories absorbed by the structure, and examine the effects of sudden changes made on the building in each period. Additional walls obscure part of the building’s round shape, windows are concealed with concrete and the floor is covered with blue tiles.

I intend to emphasize the building’s roundness and complete the half circle to highlight revolving and repeating circular and spiral forms, often found in nature in contrast to human-made industrial forms.

As the water drips from the roof and creates pools on the floor, I will create an installation, embracing the water. By coating the windows with blue gelatin to create an atmosphere of sky and water while exhibiting the images which evoke the earth and soil, I will focus on the contrast between nature and urban structures.

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