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April 8th -May 20th 2017 TWOweekENDs #3 Open Studio Dates
April 22nd, 2017 Exhibition Opening
April 22nd -May 17th, 2017 Exhibition Dates

TOZ Artist Run Space, an independent venue located in Kadıköy, organizes TWOweekENDs, a process oriented program, for the third time. The exhibition features Sinem Dişli, one of the founders of TOZ, with her work "RUTUBET".

Aiming to establish an organic connection between the studio and the exhibition space, Toz will be hosting an experimental artistic process, which is open to visitors for two weeks during RUTUBET. The program encourages experimental practices such as site-specific installations, presentations or open workshops.

"RUTUBET", is composed of Sinem Dişli’s photographs and site-specific work, in which she examines micro-scale organisms formed by conditions such as heat and humidity inherent to TOZ’s basement. Approaching this urban building as a breathing and living structure, Dişli investigates, by experimental means, whether creating an alternative habitat is possible through observation and intervention to the ratio of substances such as water trapped in a division where airflow is limited.

During these two weeks, the artist will mainly focus on symbiotic life forms facilitated by moisture in the air to reveal an invisible structure in which nothing completely disappears and everything evolves into each other. This process-based work, ongoing in in the basement, will be presented at the upper floor in the form of photographs and video images.

The installation is part of a trilogy that deals with the role of water and human intervention in relation to the cyclical nature of life. The first of part of this series was constructed at Istanbul Ortaköy Orphanage in 2015, and the second part was realised in 2016, during a residency period at New York Triangle Artist Residency Program.

This third part, which will be on display at TOZ during the TWOweekENDs Program, also introduces the making of an artist book, a compilation of photographs made to document this unfolding trilogy.

Sinem Dişli’s work “RUTUBET ” meets audiences at TOZ Artist Run Space located in Yeldeğirmeni, Kadıköy. The opening of the exhibition will take place on 22nd of April, and the exhibition will be open during 23rd, 29th, and 30th of April, as well as 6th and 7th of May between 12.00 – 18.00. 
On May, the 17th, Sinem Dişli will give an artist talk at 18:30.
It is also possible to visit the exhibition on unscheduled days by making an email appointment at 
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TOZ is a non-profit, artist-run art space initiated in 2015 by a collective of four visual artists, (Ece Eldek, Sinem Dişli, Elvan Ekren ve Volkan Kızıltunç) after transforming their studio located in Kadıköy, Istanbul. TOZ provides a collaborative, process-based, informal platform promoting dialogue and exchange through workshops, events, screenings, exhibitions and spatial experiments in the fields of photography and video, particularly on time-based artistic practices, beyond the confines of commercial concerns or limitations. TOZ Artist Run Space has gained the support of SAHA Association within the grant program established in order to support the Sustainability of Independent Art Initiatives for the period of 2016-2017. TOZ, Artist Run Space, Talimhane Sokak 19B, Yeldeğirmeni, Kadıköy

Rutubet Exhibition Views

Stop Motion, 2017


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