One Hundred Percent Cotton, New York, 2015

is a site-specific installation that considers our perception of delicate cycle of life and interruption of this cycle. This perception is of the false imagery maintained by man-made industrial environment. This installation consists of UV-protected water bottles and a mattress with a bedframe, and the installation imitates the cycle of nature through germination. In creating this piece, I only used recycled materials as opposed to creating the perfect conditions with clinical materials. 250 identical water bottles hang from the ceiling, dripping every minute on the cotton bed sheets planted with seeds on top of the mattress. Each bottle has a specific slit at the bottom, controlling the air pressure and the speed of water. Over the period of 15 days, the bottles drip the amount of water needed for germination of the seeds, allowing the viewer to examine ecological cycle of life.

While sustainability is about the future of our society, for today's industries and businesses, it is also about commercial success. The mandate to transform businesses to respect environmental limits while fulfilling social wants and needs has become an unparalleled platform for innovation on strategy, design, manufacturing and brand, offering massive opportunities to compete and to adapt to a rapidly evolving world.

Stop Motion Video of The Site Spesific Installation

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